Simple Do It Yourself Search Engine Optimization


Hello Friends, this will allow you to be involved in something that is becoming an Internet Phenomena!

Why will UBIEE SEO PRO be the Internet Attraction ?
What is the UBIEE SEO

I would like to compare it with a group of New Breeds. An Alliance for the little guy and modules for the big players in Publishing and Advertsing.

What is the UBIEE SEO PRO Platform all about?

    The UBIEE SEO PRO Platform is the future of Internet Marketing. It is the bicycle to ride, it is your future if you are thinking about internet marketing or if you are a Guru. That future is here right now

  • Where is the level playing field ? Have you seen that? Have you tried them?

    Maybe you have done all the things you thought you had to do, but the Internet Moves, you only have to look to see where marketing is going.

    How do you learn all that?

    You have so much to do, it is hard to learn it all?

    The UBIEE SEO PRO can help you relax and show you how it is done.

    We will teach you and you can practice and practice all you NEED TO KNOW. That is what the future all about.

  • A platform what is that?

    Websites. But it is much more than that, it is about all the technologies combined. But relax, we have built an interactive UBIEE SEO PRO platform that you can afford to play on, and you can learn how to ride that bike.

    The incredible expertise is way ahead of what I alone can do. This will take you step by step but you will need to understand a few Key words.

INTERACTIVE. That is what sets us apart. We know how to use an interactive model.

  • How come we can do that?
  • What makes us so special?

Well we are very special, not just special. What makes us so special is the skills and abilities of the new age modern thinkers the UBIEE Leaders from 5 Continents within the most humble positions. We have behind us a large group of Founders, Executives, Mentors, Members, Agents and Distributors, we are truly special. We are involved in building a new technology with infrastructure to the INTERNET. This is important because we understand the working of everything the UBIEE SEO PRO is offering, and that is what makes us stand out and out perform many others.

We know the technologies within marketing, publishing, and promotions etc; but TOGETHER it is about building the Roads and Bridges.

  • Those are the ones that bring people to the websites.
    All the Magic that you have heard – that is what we do.
  • We know how to get people to your Websites, we know how to keep them there, and we know how to make them come back.

I want to emphasize that there is a group of at least 2 dozen UBIEE SEO PRO GEEKS behind this UBIEE SEO PRO project, and another dozen that would like to become UBIEE SEO PRO GEEKS. This enables us to build the technology and make the UBIEE SEO PRO how we want it to be.

I would like you to understand that we are UBIEE SEO PRO Project based

Imagine you are sitting in a Stadium in your Town! You are there by yourself and you know all about that big Dynatron. Now think about this, Google brings many companies to one person. We bring many people to one domain and we provide the engine. Imagine that 100,000 people are in that Stadium and they all see your Product! We promise you, that we will stand for “the little guy” that is important to us and to the future of UBIEE future.

You never lose any compensation in our plan. Simple qualification, we will make sure that you earn money. All you have to do is Focus on learning about the UBIEE SEO PRO platform, and if you do this you will be the happiest internet marketer in town.

A little slice of how it works. The UBIEE SEO PRO is "the engine" and we have found the niche market for your products. Imagine this. We have the UBIEESEO PRO platform and you have a soccer platform which has a sub-platform to allow you to post your URLS, Domains, pictures etc to the internet. The UBIEE SEO PRO can find you the Niche Markets that will get the Traffic to your Soccer Platform.


Now some more Explanations.

Google is well-known for its web search service, which is a major factor of the company’s success. Google is the most used search engine on the web with a 50,8% market share, ahead of Yahoo! (23,6%) and Live Search (8,4%). Google indexes billions of Web pages, so that users can search for the information they desire, through the use of keywords and operators. Google has also employed the Web Search technology into other search services, including Image Search, Google News, the price comparison site Google Product Search, the interactive Usenet archive Google Groups, Google Maps and more.

UBIEE SEO PRO through a series of new product developments, acquisitions and partnerships, the company UBIEE Corporation S.L. has expanded its initial search and advertising business into other areas, including web-based email, online mapping, office productivity, and video sharing, among others.

UBIEE Corporation S.L. has created services and tools for the general public and business environment alike; including Web applications, advertising networks and solutions for businesses.

Accelerated- In physics, acceleration is defined as the rate of change of velocity, or, equivalently, as the second derivative of position. It is thus a vector quantity with dimension length/time². The term "acceleration" generally refers to the change in instantaneous velocity. What this means to the UBIEE SEO PRO Project is that the Profit within the UBIEE SEO PRO Platforms greatly speed up the processes of attracting Internet visitors (traffic) to a web based project.

UBIEE Mentor – a UBIEE having control or authority.

A mentors craftsman (sometimes called only master or grandmaster) was a member of a guild. In the European guild system, only master craftsmen were allowed to actually be members of the guild. An aspiring master would have to pass through the career chain from apprentice to journeyman before he could be elected to become a master craftsman. He would then have to produce a sum of money and a masterpiece before he could actually join the guild. If the masterpiece was not accepted by the masters, he was not allowed to join the guild, possibly remaining a journeyman for the rest of his life. Becoming a master was often very hard.

In many guilds, the mentors craftsman had strict obligations, one of which was to take on an apprentice (or several depending on the craft) to ensure the survival of the guild. Without apprentices, there would be no one left to continue the craft. The UBIEE Mentor has many similarities in his Mentorship structure.


UBIEE Marketing – Two major factors of UBIEE SEO PRO marketing are the recruitment of new customers (acquisition) and the retention and expansion of relationships with existing customers (base management).

Once a marketer has converted the prospective buyer, base management marketing takes over. The process for base management shifts the marketer to building a relationship, nurturing the links, enhancing the benefits that sold the buyer in the first place, and improving the product/service continuously to protect the business from competitive encroachments.

Marketing methods are informed by many of the social sciences, particularly psychology, sociology, and economics. Anthropology is also a small, but growing, influence. Market research underpins these activities. Through advertising, it is also related to many of the creative arts.

For a UBIEE SEO PRO marketing plan to be successful, the mix of the four "Ps" (Product, Price, Place, Promotion) must reflect the wants and desires of the consumers in the target market. To convince a market segment to buy something they don’t want is extremely expensive and seldom successful. Marketers depend on marketing research, both formal and informal, to determine what consumers want and what they are willing to pay for it. Marketers hope that this process will give them a sustainable competitive advantage. Marketing management is the practical application of this process. The offer is also an important addition to the 4P’s theory. “Marketing is the process of planning and executing the conception, pricing, promotion, and distribution of ideas, goods, and services to create exchanges that satisfy individual and organizational objectives".

UBIEE Architects – An architect is a person who is involved in the planning, designing and oversight of a building’s construction. The word "architect" (Latin: architectus) derives from the Greek arkhitekton (arkhi (chief) + tekton (builder))"). In the broadest sense an architect is a person who translates the user’s needs into physical, built solution. An architect must thoroughly understand the building and operational codes under which his or her design must conform. That degree of knowledge is necessary so that he or she is not apt to omit any necessary requirements, or produce improper, conflicting, ambiguous, or confusing requirements. Architects must understand the various methods available to the builder for building the client’s structure, so that he or she can negotiate with the client to produce a best possible compromise of the results desired within explicit cost and time boundaries. Although the term "architect" refers to a professionally-qualified individual, the word is frequently used in the broader sense to define someone who brings order to a built or non-built situation.

Best Regards
Lydia Fleming